Care Done Right

All office visits included for $70 a month.

Also included are any of our tests, and most of our treatments and services that you may need.

Too many good doctors give inadequate care because they don’t see a better way.

But there is …

What We Do

We’ll see you when you’re sick and when you’re not.  Dr. Shahid is a board-certified Internist with  extensive experience in both Primary Care and Urgent Care.  We have a stock of tests and treatments for when you’re sick or injured, and he has the training and experience to manage and prevent chronic problems.  We can see you just once or you can join our program.

But a membership is better.

Dr. Saleh Shahid

A Carington Membership Saves You Money

(and time!)

Here's How:

The Carington membership program is not insurance.  It’s like a gym membership.  And for a low monthly fee, all our services are included.  That means

  • No co-pays
  • No extra charges
  • No limits on visits
  • No waiting rooms
  • Save on labs:  We have deep discounts with a national laboratory.  If you have insurance, you’re covered.  But if you don’t, or if you deductible is too high, we can save you money.  And because we have the time to discuss cost with you, there are no giant, surprise bills.
  • Save on medicines:  We are able to get most prescription medicines at wholesale prices.  We pass that savings right on to you. 
  • Fewer visits to the E.R. or the walk-in clinic.

A Carington Membership Delivers Better Care

Here's How:

Because we don’t take insurance, we are able to run a practice with a few hundred patients, instead of a few thousand like most places.  That means

  • You have direct access to the doctor day or night, by phone, email or text.
  • You can usually get same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Visits are typically 30-60 minutes long.  That gives the doctor time to listen to you, examine you,think and discuss!
  • You always see the doctor, not a nurse or assistant.
  • He’ll know who you are!

Want to think about it?

Who wouldn’t?  But while you’re thinking, why don’t you schedule a meeting with the doctor?  It’s absolutely free and you can see if he’s your guy.  To inquire further about membership, simply click the button.

A Few Words About Dr. Shahid ...