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Medical Musings

3/15/22 Depression is a medical problem; being human is not. In this video, Dr. Shahid addresses a common misconception about antidepressants that lead to unrealistic expectations.
It is the first installment in a series of short talks about common misconceptions that patients have about a variety of things.
2/5/22 In this brief video, Dr. Saleh Shahid of Carington Health Services shares some basic advice about healthy eating and weight management.
10/30/21  In this video, Dr. Saleh Shahid reviews some of the more common causes of headaches, as well as some of the danger signs to watch out for.
7/2/21 In this brief video, Dr. Saleh Shahid of Carington Health Services outlines the problem with, and the reasons for, so much over-testing in healthcare today.  For further reference, visit
5/30/21 We just leased an office and are having an open house on June 7th, from 4-7.  Here’s a little preview.  Located at 149 Durwood Rd, about a half mile from Pellissippi Parkway. 
6/10/21 We had a grand opening and open house on June 7.  Click here for a nice article in the Farragut Press about it.  Thanks to all who came and helped make it a success!
4/7/21 In this video, Dr. Saleh Shahid of Carington Health tries to answer the question of why so many doctors can’t seem to do their job right. 

4/17/21  There is significant evidence that indirectly links COVID with nearsightedness in young children. How? By substantially increasing screen time and decreasing normal visual activity at a vulnerable age. Here is a link to a ten-minute podcast on the subject.

3/20/21 Telemedicine Today is the first installation in the video series of our web log.  Here, Dr. Saleh Shahid discusses the limitations of this new and popular mode of health care.
3/13/21 Shifa Medical Clinic has reopened and is still absolutely free. If you know someone who is in need of primary medical care but can’t afford it, follow the link below for more information:

Here is a nice, short explanation of the Direct Primary Care model:

Medical Vaccine bottle vial of Covid-19 coronavirus in a research medical lab. 3D illustration
3/13/21 COVID vaccination of Tennessee is occurring in phases of decreasing priority. We are currently in phase 1C. The vaccine is very safe and very effective. To see if it’s your turn, and to get on the waiting list, click on the link below.