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Are you struggling with the rising cost of healthcare?

We can help

Whether you're a large company with a self-funded plan or a small business who just wants care for your staff, Carington Health Services offers your employees top-notch health services while saving your business time and money.

by providing Direct Primary Care

Direct what?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a revolutionary way of structuring a primary care practice where the doctor’s services, including all visits, are included in a flat, monthly fee billed directly to the patient or employer.  This model allows the practice size to be greatly reduced.  Fewer patients means the doctor can be far more

Attentive:  Visits typically last 30-60 minutes.

Responsive:  The patient has direct access to the doctor day or night, by phone, text or email. 

That means that patients get better care, which means fewer sick days and fewer costly trips to the emergency room. 

And it means the doctor has the time to weigh the cost and benefit of each test and treatment, instead of rushing reflexively. 

In addition, Carington Health has entered agreements which provide our patients with deep discounts, around 80-90%, on labs and most prescription drugs. 

Dr. Saleh Shahid

In summary, what makes DPC different:

Carington Health Services


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we give you 3 ways to enhance your business.

 1.  Reduced plan utilization:  If you have a level-funded or self-funded health plan, office visits and medications can eat over 60% of your claims fund.  We can dramatically reduce that, as explained above, thereby increasing your refund or reducing your premium.  We can also reduce your use of Workman’s Compensation insurance. 

If you provide a fully-insured plan through one of the major health insurance companies, you are paying too much for too little.  By restructuring your insurance and adding DPC, you can potentially save up to 30% while providing better care.  We can help you through the process. 

2.  Reduced absenteeism:  Our doctor is directly accessible, which means sick employees spend less time in bed and no time in a waiting room. 

3.  Attracting and retaining talent:  When you are able to offer benefits above and beyond your competitors’, you gain the advantage of drawing and keeping the best employees. 

So give the gift of health to your team

and breathe a little easier yourself. Please call us to learn more.

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