Weight Loss Management Isn't Easy

Turn to a physician for help in Knoxville, TN

At times, losing weight can feel like fighting a losing battle. However, you don't have to arm yourself alone. Carington Health Services PLLC in Knoxville, TN is here to help you on your weight loss management journey. Our physician assists patients through counseling and regular follow-up appointments to help them achieve their health goals.

Our aim is to help you manage your weight by determining your goals for your health. Ask about our weight loss management services today.

What to expect from our program

Physician-assisted weight loss gives you an edge on your weight loss goals. When meeting with our physician, you'll:

  • Come in for counseling
  • Discuss potential options for medication
  • Meet with our physician for regular check-ins
Through regular check-ins, our physician will help you monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed. Contact us now to learn more about physician-assisted weight loss.